Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking for New Faces!

We like to "Spice" it Up every Now & Then!
 We are looking to add New Faces to the noVae Family!

Could it be you and or your friends?

noVae Clothing uses "Real" Women/Moms in our Pictures.
We let you (the model) add Spice to our outfits by adding
a Cute pair of Heels, Boots, Flats, etc.
-Whatever you would wear with the outfit you're modeling!
You do your own makeup & hair the way you would on any given day.
We like our models looking "Real" - & Natural. 
Because that is how we all look!  
What's so Wrong with that?! :o)

Here are the Details:

Age: 21-44
Sizes: 0-4, 6-8, 10, 12, 14
~ Basically: Small, Med. Large & X-Large
at Least 5'5" or Taller
You must be Local. (or visiting in town) Within a 30min. drive from Boise, Idaho

Models will be Compensated for their Time by picking One option listed below:
1. Clothing
(offered pieces by us)
2. noVae Clothing Gift Certificate
(amount agreed upon by both parties)
3. a HUGE Discount on a Specific item
Of course, Always Free Shipping for our Models!

(don't be know you want too!)
  • Name (or Friends)  
  • Age
  • Size
  • Heigth (Rough Estimate)
  • Location (Where you live)
  • A Small Paragraph about yourself or the person you are Submitting.
  • Along with your Best pictures (jpeg) - up to 3.
To: admin{at}novaeclothing{dot}com
Subject line: NEW FACE!

We will be accepting Submissions through the whole Month of December.
(subject to change)

Thanks for your help!
We are so Excited to make New Friends & bring New Faces to noVae Clothing!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

noVae Photography - another Adventure!

After a lot of Time, Deliberation, & Requests I've decided to just do it!
- - - - -  
This is how it all started...
Over these last few photo shoots I have had a lot of pictures that I had taken that I didn't even get a chance to use on noVae's website or Newsletters. 
because we change our sales/promo's often & come out with new products,
I didn't have a place to put these cute pictures so you could see them.... if you wanted too.

I enjoy taking pictures & looking at them too! I have had people
tell me that they like noVae Clothing's pictures & ask me who I use for my photo shoots....
I kind of laugh & tell them -- umm, I take them!

I figured I should follow this prompting that has been
literally nagging me for a few weeks. 

Honestly, I didn't think I would have time and  was "good" enough!
- comparing myself to other photographers.
 (obviously they are more experienced then me)
What I realized while doing this "Comparing" was that every Photographer has their own
Style...I have my own Unique Style too!
I like to try & keep my pictures as natural & "Real- looking" as possible.

If you Like my Style -- read on... I'm offering a Discount!

After a good talk with my Best Friend - who by the way is VERY Honest with me & getting the Support (which wasn't hard) I needed from Tom I dove in feet first on Friday!
2 days later...My website is Complete!
Well, not totally complete... I'm still working on adding more pictures I still need to edit.

 I'm currently looking for Family's & Couples
who would like their pictures taken!
Just in time to send them out in those Holiday Cards
 - or make it your Holiday Card! 

(Senior Pic.)

I would like to offer to the First 4 People who want to book with me 50% off!
That's ONLY $25 for up to 2hrs. of taking pics. 
Since I live in Boise, I can only take Local peeps & the surrounding areas within a 30min. drive.
I live minutes away from Downtown Boise if you would like to shoot at various locations
-- everything is so close!

Go to my New Website HERE & send me an e-mail (Contact)
telling me what kind of Pics. you would like to do in the Subject line.

Thanks for all your Support &
No worries... noVae Clothing is still our Priority & Focus,
noVae Photography is something I will do on the side & Remeber... 
it's a place for me to add noVae's Fashion photo's, so check back often!! 

"Like" noVae Photography on fb & type us some lovely Comments!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

noVae Clothing - Modest Clothing Giveaway!

This Giveaway is Now Closed!
Congrats! to the Lucky Winner:  Jen@thecraftingfiend who said...
"ok I love that tie it with a bow hoodie so much
I liked your facebook page now to get an extra entry!"

"Thank You!" to Everyone who Entered!
We'll have to do these types of Giveaways more often!

It's our 1 Year Anniversary!!
(Nov. 1st!)
To Help us Celebrate we are Giving Away a $100 Gift Card
to one of our Lucky Customers!!
Will it be you?!

Did you also know that noVae Clothing was built on

You can Read more about it HERE.

A few pics. from the past to Present...

We are so Grateful for Everyone who has Given their Time & Sacrifice to
Help us Build this Modest Clothing Store!
We Serioulsy couldn't have done it With out YOU & our Fabulous Customers whom
Proudly wear their unique Clothing from noVae!


ok, I'm done with the mushy stuff... onto the Giveaway!

Ready to Enter?  Here is how!
Please Leave a Comment for each Entry!

{1} Visit our site noVae Clothing and Leave us a Comment telling us what you would spend the $100 on! (add the links if you'd like!)

For Additional Entries ~

{2} Like noVae Clothing on facebook. Leave a comment below letting us know you did!

{3} Are you a noVae News Lady? If so, let us know! If not, Become one!
{Join on the right of this blog or on left side of our fb page!}

Thanks & Good Luck Everyone!
A Winner will be Randomly picked & Announced here on the blog on Nov. 9th, 2011.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Modest Clothing Models ~ noVae Clothing

I think it's about time I introduce to you the Girls that you've been seeing in our Pics.
They both are College Students at Boise State University & Both work Full time!  
Yes, they are busy & that is why I soooo appreciate them giving their time to me in helping build noVae Clothing so we can bring Modest Clothing to you! 

I don't think these Girls will ever truly know how grateful I am.

This is Whitney W.
I met her on her Wedding day!
She married one of Tom's cousin's.
Her dress was so CuTe & their wedding pictures were Incredible.
I knew she would be Perfect for this!  

This is Stefanie R.
I met her last year at a BSU Football Game with her Boyfriend!
She was in Tom's Arabic class & he told me about how good she would be for noVae!
She is from Spain & knows like 5 languages!

I have so much Fun with them!
This recent photo shoot was the First time they were photographed together.

I just wanted you ladies (readers) to know more about us
 noVae Clothing
& our "Real" Models. 
 - Most of the time we do photo shoots right after a class or work in the evenings.
I know we are all tired & I just appreciate ALL the Sacrifices that have been made for me.


PS This is where I live... isn't it Gorgeous?!

I loVe Idaho.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Privilege to Work is...

A Gift.

The Power to Work is a Blessing.

The Love of Work is Success. 
 - President David O'McKay

I ran across this Quote on my Boss' Desk a few weeks ago & Loved it.
Their is so much Truth in it. 
As I've pondered about this quote over these last few weeks, I've thought to myself

What is "Work"? 

- Does it Bring you Money?
- Does it Bring you Happiness?
- Does it Bring you Frustration?

The answers are "Yes"

 Work comes in all different kinds of forms....
My most Important Work is my Family - raising my Children.

-Does it bring me Money?
{but, it Does Bring me Blessings!}

-Does it Bring me Happiness?

-Does it Bring me Frustration?

*   *   *   *   *   *

This past month 3 out of the 4 Kids & Tom have gone back to school.
 I have been reminded
since then, that I have a child with Asperger's Syndrome. (AS)

He has his challenges. 
{don't we all?!}

We are dealing with a New School & a New School District.
Therefore we get the "Privilege"
to start the paper work (testing process) all over again
because the Districts don't share "files" with each other. 

It has been a "Process." (sigh)

I am learning so much through this Process - "Work" though... Blessing!
I feel like the Lord is preparing me (& Tom, of course) for when we move to another State for
Graduate School & we get to do this "Work" once again. 
(Hey, the 3rd time is a Charm right?!)

Tom is doing Fabulous in School.
Seriously, I don't know how he does all his
that is required of him now that he is in this Scholar Program.
Did I mention he is also Tutoring 3 Students too?!

He is my SUPER HERO!

My Kids & Family bring me so much Joy & Happiness it tends to make
Life's Frustrations
& Other "Work" that needs to be done not so bad.

I'm so Grateful for the "Work" that I get to do while I'm on this Earth.
Raising Kids, being a Mother & Wife,
The "Privilege" of Owning & Running my own Modest Clothing Business
Loving the "Work." 

to be continued...

PS: We bought a Van! 
wahoo! - no payments! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Juggling is Hard!

When I thought I was busy (before I got me this other job) I really wasn't...
I am now!

I'm finding myself more Organized & More aware of my Time & Where & who I spend it with.


Taking this job in the middle of my kids' Summer has been Hard on me & I think them too. Having only 1 car to go & do things has been difficult with my schedule & Tom's. But, we are making do.
The "Sacrifice" will be Worth it!

I'm finding that was used to be Hard isn't any more.
I used to have a hard time try to "Juggle" the Mommy & Wife stuff on top of noVae. Now I seem more Organized. Even though, Everyday is different & holds challenges but I just
"Prioritize" my Time
& tell myself when to be done!
{remember, I'm a work-aholic & have a hard time STOPPING!}
I don't make my "to do lists" - in my head to long & make sure I MAKE Time to play with the kids & get them out of the house!
We have soooo many Parks Downtown that are close!

I'm finding this New job to be more than just a Blessing Financially to help us "Pay Cash" for a Van - but it's molding me into a
New ~ Better ~ More Focused Working Mom & Wife!
~ Who knew?!? ~

I wanted to mention that Tom crashed on his Bike coming home from school one day (about 3 weeks ago) & we think he Fractured his Wrist. (Left one- thank goodness he's right handed!) 
He also has some really "Cool" looking deep dark bruises on his leg! (He's ok though)
If I told you the story of how he crashed you would die laughing!!! (I did!) maybe another time.

 Anyways, It's made our 1 Car situation THAT much more difficult! I've been having him drive the car to school so his wrist can heal. We went & bought him one of those Carpatunnel Braces from the store.
(His Health Ins. is only for like 9 mos. & his fall happened on one of those months that isn't covered.... Awesome huh?!)
- What Luck we have! Aren't you Jealous?!

He's currenlty on his 2 week Summer Break!!
Hey, that's longer than last Summer....
It was only 4 days last year!
{he takes Summer school too... the Man Never stops!}

to be continued....

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The "Show" must go on.... finding my Rainbow!

As you may have read in the previous post that were having "car issues" well, the car with "issues" is gone & that left us down to one car.
One very small car. 
We were sad but the "Show" must go on! 

We both decided (& after having a talk with my dad-- Thanks dad!) that we should Save up our money & buy a van in cash -- opposed to making payments.  Even though the payments wouldn't be that much - it's just the fact that we wouldn't "own" it. 

So I found myself a little job -- completely Surprised me!

I felt like I needed to type up a resume one day after looking at job listings on Craig's list. I thought to myself.... what are the odds of me -- a Stay @ home mom of 10yrs getting a job when their are hundreds of people looking for jobs that have been in the work field longer & have the "education" backing. 
I typed it up anyways.  (I always go with my "feelings") aka prompting.

When I was finished I thought it looked Fabulous!

I would Totally hire me after reading it!!

How I typed it & how it flowed.... it all just came to me.  Tom liked it too.
So I sent it off (before Spell Checking it) to like 2 companies before I realized I forgot to do that!!! oopsie! so much for being "Detail Oriented!"

The 3rd one I sent was "fixed" & I got a phone call the following Monday.
(E-mailed it out on Thurs. or Fri.)

When she called me I thought it was someone from our new ward.... because her personal name showed up on the caller Id. -- so kids were being kids in the background --- LOUD! 
I scheduled the interview for that afternoon. 

I walked in & sat down & saw this huge stack of resumes on her desk!
I kept my cool. -- feeling pretty relaxed. I found out that she & I have a lot in common... including our religious beliefs.
After like 40 mins. of visiting I thought to myself...
gosh I wonder when the next interview is coming.
She flat out said: "Well, I think you're perfect for the job! When can you start?!"
I was blown away! --- I asked her if she had any other interviews to do & she said "nope" -- just you!
She said she had her ad on Craig's list for 6 hrs. & received 65 resumes!!!!
I was on the TOP!!

You can't tell me that the Lord's hand was not in this! -- Seriously!
So I'm working part time (4-6hrs/day) sometimes at home & or in the office!
The office is like 8-10mins. away & she is flexible with Tom's school schedule so we don't have to pay for child care!


I'm still doing noVae Clothing -- It is our "Thing" & it will always be our Thing!
Anyway we can help bring "modesty" back into society & to help women feel good about who they are, that is what we are going to continue to do!  

Everything seems to be falling into place...
Just when a few weeks ago it felt like it was Raining on us... then Pouring!
I'm so HAPPY we found our Rainbow!

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!!
Make sure you become a fb Friend...
we are getting ready to let you help us with our Fall line!!
You are going to LOVE it!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

THIS is who we are!

 We have been CraZy Busy!!
Moving, Packing, Cleaning, Packing, Cleaning, Having a few Garage Sales,
{it amazes me how much "Stuff" we accumulate over time}
Dealing with car "issues" {BLAH!}
& of course the End of the School year!
The last week we had in our old house was the same week we Launched our Summer line....
{YES! I'm Crazy!} 

Some how I survived
& I'm now adding a few final touches to my New walls!
{I LOVE to Decorate!}

This is me
(pic. above - not the bald guy below...)
& my SweeT Adorable Kids who look innocent - but usually are not!
- notice their hands are in their pockets!!!{lol}

This is my "hubby" (above) -He's literally my other half! 
Isn't it funny how kids are when you try & take a
"Good" Picture?! or just any picture for that matter... 
{our cell phones don't do a Superlicous job but it'll have to do.} 

My Handsome BOYS!
Yes, little M. was getting up from his "position" in the chair
when I thought what the heck, I'll take a quick one....
HA! this is the only one that turned out!!

My SweeT Daughter!
Everybody has to have at Least ONE Girl,
We just "chopped" her hair off a few weeks ago... this is the
shortest it's EVER been!

WE RULE the HOUSE! ;o)

Tom has already started one of his 2 classes he's taking this Summer
& I think he likes it so far... it's just Math. He's SO good at Math!

I, on the other hand, am not!
I Love the calculator & Prefer to use "other" sources/software to do 
the dirty work. 

I LOVE this New - Older home we are in! 
I LOVE the location. 
It take me Mins. to get where I need to go... 
Church - 5 mins
Post office - 'bout 7 mins
Grocery Store - 'bout 7 mins
BSU - 5 mins
                         Target - 'bout 15  (interstate -- so I can drive FAST!)

I plan on Enjoying the rest of the Summer with the kids playing in the Water
aka: Sprinkler under the Trampoline. - my kids think it's SO Cool! 
{do you remember doing that as a kid?!}

Have a Wonderful Summer
& I plan on posting more frequently now that my life has
Slowed down a little ....
 just a little.

PS We have some FUN things happening on our fb page &
a really cool IDEA that will take place here soon...
You'll get to help decide on some FALL Items!!!
so become a friend - we'd love to have YOU!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Out with the with the New {Changes in my life!}

For those of you who have been following along this noVae Clothing adventure of ours, you all know that my husband is going to school F/T now -- & all through the Summers too (going on year. 3!)

This past weekend we were able to attend a Banquet dinner...really, it was just appetizers but who cares it was a FREE date & Free Food! We got to listen to people Thank other People for like 2 hrs. - Seriously, It was really Amazing! Some of the McNair Scholar's who graduated this year had a lot of things to say & some really put tears in my eyes. {yes, I'm a softy...} 
Tom's {hubby as I call him on fb} name was called a few times along with the other New McNair Scholar's just coming in. We realized that only 11, yes I said ELEVEN people were standing - including him!
 It really "showed" me what a Small handful of people really do get accepted into this Program!
 {can we say... Free Grad. School!}

I KNOW Tom was supposed to get this!

What I DID NOT know was how much TIME he would be away from us - as a Family Unit for the Next 2 years of our lives!  After listening in detail how much Research & Some Traveling these Scholar's have to do -- blew me away! I'm truly amazed at the Sacrifices that are made on the Scholar's end (Family) on what they have to accomplish & to squeeze it into their already FT school schedules! When everything was all said and done & we both sat in the car in silence while he started the car I turned to him & said....
Ummmm. we need to move closer to the school.
Otherwise We Will Never See you!

He was going to tell me the same thing!
{this is one of the many Reason's Why I love this Man!}

So we've been looking for a house that will "fit" us & our needs... I found one this morning & it's everything that we could ever want.
We got the house! -Literally- by the Winning of a Flip of a Coin!
(I chose heads!) :o)

We move in about 3 weeks... {eek!!}

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day & a HUGE Update/Announcement!

ok... Where did April go?! Seriously! I can't believe I didn't blog in April!
I think in my last post I told you about a Scholarship Program that Tom was applying for. Well he got it! This is HUGE! I had no idea how Competitive it was! They only pick 10-12 people for this Program every year -- Out of hundreds of people who apply!
We feel very *Blessed!*

I've been doing more & more of my own photography & loving it. I'm getting the pics. that I want & it's saving everyone time.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about our noVae Models that we use.

They are good friends of mine & they are Mom's!

The First one I would like to Thank & Wish a Happy Mother's Day to is
Allison L.

She is a Mother to 4 kids ~ Ranging from pre-teen to 5yrs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Second one I would like to Thank & wish a Happy Mother's Day to is
Jana T.

She is a Mother to 3 kids ~ Ranging from 11 to 5yrs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Last one I would like to Thank & wish a Happy Mother's Day to is
Kim D.

She is a Mother to 4 kids ~ Ranging from 8-3yrs.

I Love these Ladies so much & appreciate their Husbands as well. We have so much fun together & laugh a ton! I don't know where noVae would be without these Wonderful Women/Friends to help me on this Adventure!

 It's not easy working from home & Supporting a Family while my other half is in school.  These Ladies have put their lives on hold for me to come & help me & support me by taking time out of their Crazy busy lives {we all have them - no matter how many kids or no kids you have} 
to do a photo shoot, that sometimes can take up a whole afternoon! 
Precious Time!
I Thank these Women from the bottom of my heart for the sacrifices that have been made. 
It brings me to tears. 
I remember we had a huge photo shoot that had been scheduled for weeks & that particular day 2 of my model friends each had a sick kid at home.  They came anyways -- with their cell phones near by. 
THIS brought me to tears that evening when I got home.

The sacrifice & "Love" that they have for me. 
"Thank You!"

I don't want to forget to mention that my own mother is a HUGE part of this too. She not only uses one of her few "days off" to come watch my kids & sometimes my friends' kids while we are doing a photo shoot
-- she Cleans my kitchen & folds my clean laundry & tighty's up my kids' rooms.
She gives me "Time" back on my clock when she gets me caught up!  

One of the most Important things I've learned in life is how Precious "Time" is.  - When someone Sacrifices or gives up their own time to someone else {that someone else being me} it brings me tears & I'm filled with Gratitude. 
To Spend more "Time" with our kids & Family is what we all want & when someone, that someone being My Mother, gives HER Time to me - then I in turn Give that Time to my Family/Kids.
I Love My Mother & I am very Thankful for the many, many things that she has taught me. Giving Service has been something that has been "Installed" in me through both of my parents. In turn that is something that I'm teaching my Children.
-- To Serve one another! --
"Give" your Precious Time to someone who may need it more than you! 

I Wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day! 
May it be filled with Joy & Laughter!
May your Mind take Pictures of these "Precious Moments" as Time Slips throughout the day. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Achieving My Goals!

I wanted to give myself a "time out" from Spring Cleaning my house to just type.... {bliss.}

These last few weeks have been so busy. But, when is my life (our lives) NOT busy?
I've been more focused on the things I want to Achieve not just for my personal self but for noVae clothing & my Family as well.  I started working out & that has given me the "more energy" I need to get things done. I've also been working out in the morning! I AM NOT a morning person ~ unless it's for a Great Shopping Sale! {black Friday} I've been trying to change my ways of being a night owl & just get up early & go to bed earlier.  I work out with a great group of Ladies & that helps a TON!  Anyways, so I've had muscles sore in places that I didn't even think their were any for the last 2 weeks! It's been Great!  By the way, Tom just picked up a Tri-athelon class last week, so he's been sore too!!
{as if he's not busy enough...} 

He Amazes me.

The next Goal that came faster than I thought was I was able to "play photographer" in this most recent Spring Release.  My good friend had sick children & wasn't able to come & so I asked my friend, Jana, who was also going to model for me that day if she could bring her camera.  She showed me how to use her camera after taking a few pics. of Allison, my other model friend, & away I went!
I had soooo much FuN!  I eventually wanted to start taking my own pics. but didn't think it would've happened this fast! {now I need to buy a nice Camera!} I'm addicted to it now. 
I've also been learning Photo shop. I was able to edit my own pics. that I took which was really nice, now I know what I need to work on to become better behind the camera!

I am not a very patient person when it comes to certain things.
 I want "instant results" ... don't we all?!
My Patience has been put to the test A LOT these past few weeks! 
It is something that I'm working on.  
It's hard.
Tom has been just plugging away at school! He's doing so well! I'm so proud of him!  He's applying to try & become a Mechnar (sp?) Scholar.  I guess it's an extremely difficult program will a load of re-search & work to do! But it looks great on an application when applying to Graduate Schools! I'm afraid that I will Never see him, but I already feel that way.... I know the Lord will only give me things I can handle. So, I guess if he's suppose to get this - then he will & all will be well!  We've made it this far... what's a few more Years, right?! 
My children are starting to understand that "mommy" works from home & the computer is mine! It's been a tough concept for them but they have fun when New Big Boxes come to the door & they get to help open them & see what's in them!
It's like Christmas to them & me too!  

Another Goal I'm working on is getting a Family picture done so you all can see what we look like!  My kids are cookie cutters & my youngest boy (18 mo.) looks like a girl right now 'cause he needs a hair cut & he has curly locks!  I love my kids & husband to pieces.

I love this clothing business as it has helped support us & helped put modest clothing back into this world! 
I love all my customers, I wish I knew them all in person. I love being social with them on fb & e-mails.
 I love helping them find what they need! 
I love putting outfits together to sell on my site. It's hard at times & takes a lot of time but it's fun when I get to see it all put together.

I love all the Support I'm receiving from friends, family, customers, & my Heavenly Father. This business was built on Faith & my Faith is growing more & more everyday.
You can read about how we got started here.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

noVae Clothing moving right along....

I wanted to drop a quick post & say "Thank You!" for helping by Sharing the Amazing Video that we made! It was so Fun to make... we'll be making more in the future & hopefully we'll have more of YOU in it!  We have some fun things coming your way! The BiG One...we've come up with a plan for you to earn your noVae Clothing for FREE!

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 Stay Connected with us... You won't want to miss anything.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Novae Clothing ~ You Are AMAZING!

It all Started with a song I heard many, many months ago! I was driving in the car
{probably being taxi mom} and this AMAZING song came on the radio.  I liked the beat & just hoped that no naughty words came with it. ~ So I turned it up! My Daughter immediately starts moving her head back & forth & moving her limited body {she's squeezed between 2 cars seats} to the beat. I listen to the words...

Oh, her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day....

Ok, I'm thinking to myself.... Did he really just say that?!  Is this song really Building my Self Confidence {& My Daughter's} as a Girl/Women?! 
I'm loving the beat!! {I'm smiling}  :o)

The More I listened to the lyrics the more TRUTH I heard in it!! 

Our AMAZING Daughter's, US AMAZING Women, Need to hear the TRUTH!! 

This Song: Just the Way You are, by Bruno Mars had me thinking.... Well, I'm always thinking about the business, but it REALLY got me thinking on a Deeper level!

Clothing is an Outward Expression of Who We are Inside ~ Who We want to be that Day!
Novae Clothing was created to help Reflect the Uniqueness of You!
Novae is Latin for Novel.  The adj. Definition for Novel is: New, Original.
Each of Us, as Women, are:  Different, Funky, Unique and so much more!   

Novae-ness = Uniqueness!!

Here at Novae Clothing we think You are Amazing!  Some of the things that I've gotten to know about some of you just Amaze me & the daily trails, such as Raising a Sick and or Disabled Child, that you endure with each day & some of the Trials that you have endured {like losing a child}....You Amaze Me! 
Each of Us, as Women, have Trials & if We can help Eachother & "Amaze" one another we will then in turn be teaching our child - our Daughter's to become AMAZING,
it's ok to be Who you Are because
You are AMAZING!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Novae Clothing ~ Spring Line = Beatitude

Beatitude   is another word for "happiness".  I just thought it sounded cool....

It's only Wed. but I feel like it's Friday! I've been up way to many hours & keep running my days together. {I'm sure I'm not the only one that has done this!} Monday was our Spring Line Photo shoot & I used a New photographer.  She was Awesome! I also had 4 models opposed to 2. So we both had double the work! We tried some New things - New shots & in a New Location instead of the 'studio' look. I wanted to bring 'life' back into the pictures. I like looking at pictures - not necessarily in Magazines, but just fun - 'real looking' pics.  Not ones that have been "Photo shopped" & 'fake' looking.
-but REAL photos with REAL natural lighting! 

I found this old house {I believe it was built in 1888!} that has been transformed into a little Furniture/Home Decor store & Fell in LoVe with it!  We were at this house for 4hrs. It was so much fun! We did some photos outside too! 
Needless to say, prepare yourself for a whole new
'Look & Feel' when our Spring line is Released! 
The Photos & the Models are A.MAZ.ING!

Take your time while shopping on our site. Make sure to click on all the extra photographs.  As we show you many, many examples on how to wear all the items! ~ The Models aka my Beautiful Selfless Friends, had so much fun doing this for me & You!
We will be adding more items as the weeks & months come so make sure you follow us somewhere so you don't miss these
New, very limited items! 

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Thank you for all your LoVe & Support ~ Family & Friends!  This has been an Incredible Journey for me {I'm learning so much about myself}
 ~ how to become a better mom 
 *a More Organized one*  
+ I'm going to be learning Photo shop {so I can do my own work/homepages}
& I'm going to learn a little bit about Photography! {so I can start taking my own pics.}
~ As If I don't have enough to do.... we should NEVER stop learning, right?!
You just learned a New word today!
Well, at least I did.... 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Novae Clothing Clearance Sale!

Tom & I decided that we wanted to really Clearance things out!  Frankly, the Inventory Boxes have taken over & it's time to Clean out the Closet!  As much as I Love my products I wanted to Spread that Love onto you with  really, really Low Prices ~ CraZy Low Prices!  The orders have been CraZy so far! Grab what you can Now - don't wait, 'cause things are going quick!

Thanks for all your Support & I can't believe how much our business has grown in just a short 3 months!

All 3 of these Item ~ $10 & Under!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Novae Clothing Giveaway! 3 Products = 3 Winners!

I like doing Giveaways! I feel like I've been given so much! I Just Love giving to others!
It's part of who I am.  ok, enough about me! This Giveaway is for YOU!

Click on the Pic/Image above & it will take you to our fb page!

Thanks Have FuN!