Sunday, August 14, 2011

Juggling is Hard!

When I thought I was busy (before I got me this other job) I really wasn't...
I am now!

I'm finding myself more Organized & More aware of my Time & Where & who I spend it with.


Taking this job in the middle of my kids' Summer has been Hard on me & I think them too. Having only 1 car to go & do things has been difficult with my schedule & Tom's. But, we are making do.
The "Sacrifice" will be Worth it!

I'm finding that was used to be Hard isn't any more.
I used to have a hard time try to "Juggle" the Mommy & Wife stuff on top of noVae. Now I seem more Organized. Even though, Everyday is different & holds challenges but I just
"Prioritize" my Time
& tell myself when to be done!
{remember, I'm a work-aholic & have a hard time STOPPING!}
I don't make my "to do lists" - in my head to long & make sure I MAKE Time to play with the kids & get them out of the house!
We have soooo many Parks Downtown that are close!

I'm finding this New job to be more than just a Blessing Financially to help us "Pay Cash" for a Van - but it's molding me into a
New ~ Better ~ More Focused Working Mom & Wife!
~ Who knew?!? ~

I wanted to mention that Tom crashed on his Bike coming home from school one day (about 3 weeks ago) & we think he Fractured his Wrist. (Left one- thank goodness he's right handed!) 
He also has some really "Cool" looking deep dark bruises on his leg! (He's ok though)
If I told you the story of how he crashed you would die laughing!!! (I did!) maybe another time.

 Anyways, It's made our 1 Car situation THAT much more difficult! I've been having him drive the car to school so his wrist can heal. We went & bought him one of those Carpatunnel Braces from the store.
(His Health Ins. is only for like 9 mos. & his fall happened on one of those months that isn't covered.... Awesome huh?!)
- What Luck we have! Aren't you Jealous?!

He's currenlty on his 2 week Summer Break!!
Hey, that's longer than last Summer....
It was only 4 days last year!
{he takes Summer school too... the Man Never stops!}

to be continued....

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