Saturday, March 19, 2011

Achieving My Goals!

I wanted to give myself a "time out" from Spring Cleaning my house to just type.... {bliss.}

These last few weeks have been so busy. But, when is my life (our lives) NOT busy?
I've been more focused on the things I want to Achieve not just for my personal self but for noVae clothing & my Family as well.  I started working out & that has given me the "more energy" I need to get things done. I've also been working out in the morning! I AM NOT a morning person ~ unless it's for a Great Shopping Sale! {black Friday} I've been trying to change my ways of being a night owl & just get up early & go to bed earlier.  I work out with a great group of Ladies & that helps a TON!  Anyways, so I've had muscles sore in places that I didn't even think their were any for the last 2 weeks! It's been Great!  By the way, Tom just picked up a Tri-athelon class last week, so he's been sore too!!
{as if he's not busy enough...} 

He Amazes me.

The next Goal that came faster than I thought was I was able to "play photographer" in this most recent Spring Release.  My good friend had sick children & wasn't able to come & so I asked my friend, Jana, who was also going to model for me that day if she could bring her camera.  She showed me how to use her camera after taking a few pics. of Allison, my other model friend, & away I went!
I had soooo much FuN!  I eventually wanted to start taking my own pics. but didn't think it would've happened this fast! {now I need to buy a nice Camera!} I'm addicted to it now. 
I've also been learning Photo shop. I was able to edit my own pics. that I took which was really nice, now I know what I need to work on to become better behind the camera!

I am not a very patient person when it comes to certain things.
 I want "instant results" ... don't we all?!
My Patience has been put to the test A LOT these past few weeks! 
It is something that I'm working on.  
It's hard.
Tom has been just plugging away at school! He's doing so well! I'm so proud of him!  He's applying to try & become a Mechnar (sp?) Scholar.  I guess it's an extremely difficult program will a load of re-search & work to do! But it looks great on an application when applying to Graduate Schools! I'm afraid that I will Never see him, but I already feel that way.... I know the Lord will only give me things I can handle. So, I guess if he's suppose to get this - then he will & all will be well!  We've made it this far... what's a few more Years, right?! 
My children are starting to understand that "mommy" works from home & the computer is mine! It's been a tough concept for them but they have fun when New Big Boxes come to the door & they get to help open them & see what's in them!
It's like Christmas to them & me too!  

Another Goal I'm working on is getting a Family picture done so you all can see what we look like!  My kids are cookie cutters & my youngest boy (18 mo.) looks like a girl right now 'cause he needs a hair cut & he has curly locks!  I love my kids & husband to pieces.

I love this clothing business as it has helped support us & helped put modest clothing back into this world! 
I love all my customers, I wish I knew them all in person. I love being social with them on fb & e-mails.
 I love helping them find what they need! 
I love putting outfits together to sell on my site. It's hard at times & takes a lot of time but it's fun when I get to see it all put together.

I love all the Support I'm receiving from friends, family, customers, & my Heavenly Father. This business was built on Faith & my Faith is growing more & more everyday.
You can read about how we got started here.  

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