Friday, November 19, 2010

~ About Us & the Making of Novae Clothing!

It never once crossed my mind that we {my husband,Tom & I, Nickelle} would own a clothing store on line.  Never.

A little History, we all have one...
I started out as a Modbe Fashion Consultant. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is that? Well, it was a Clothing company that started in LA & went to Utah & they started out as Home Based Parties. I started in 2005 {when they started} - 2009 {when they went out of business...} it was a sad day.

I Learned so so much!
Modbe Clothing Designed & selected so many different materials for their many products through out the years. I payed attention & Listened to what Women liked on their bodies {different body types} & what they didn't. I learned what materials lasted a long time. {if taken care of properly}
I don't consider myself an "Expert on Fashion & Clothing" but I did do A LOT of parties with A LOT of Women & I Listened! {that was Important & Still Is!}

What takes me the longest while shopping is Finding the Products that I consider Modest. {it's like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes!} They need to meet my Beliefs & Standards that I have for myself. They have to be modest enough for me  to wear in front of my kids too.

I get most of my work done late at night/early morning... & then I get up & raise 4 kids everyday!
My Husband is AWESOME! He just recently {fall of '10} started going to school FULL TIME! He lost his 2 jobs on the same day within 2 hrs. of each other. {CraZy, I Know} He was already going to school on top of the 2 jobs...+ he goes to school during the Summer! He/We  Eat & Breathe School!

It has been a Blessing! {the job losses & going to school}

~ Novae Clothing was born in 2010 {well, the idea anyway} shortly after those has been a Fun Stressful Journey so far!
We have Appreciated ALL the Support & Advice that we have received along the way... TO BE CONTINUED....


  1. I'm always interested in a persons story....why they are where they are and doing what they're doing. Thanks for sharing yours and for doing all the work you do to offer the fun, cute and yEs Unique clothes.

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I am really excited about finding a *modest* clothing company! It is so hard for me to find things that are modest and cute-especially as a new mother and wife!

  3. Not sure how I found you, but so glad I stopped by! Bookmarking noVae now :)

  4. I just found your website on Pinterest. Love it so far! Only question is I am tall and would love a sizing chart. For example how your sizes fit, i.e. L is a size 8 or 10? Or how tall the model is wearing the clothes. (Banana Republic has a great online sizing chart, maybe look there for an idea to copy) Just something to compare it to for future purchases. I did purchase a dress and hope it fits. Can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks for the modest clothing company, I am sure you will be blessed for your hard work and efforts.

  5. Love your site! Would love to become an affilitate, we just signed up!!

  6. It looks like from your site that you are in the Treasure Valley area. That's where I live too. I'm glad I found your store and blog. I am always looking for modest clothing. Love your clothing line!! Go BSU!

  7. Can you offer more of the turquoise polka dot dress please!?!?!? :)

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