Friday, August 29, 2014

Graduation! - Finally

Even though it's been a few months since Graduation... going through these pics. still brings tears to my eyes.

2,307 students were eligible to receive 2,479 degrees and certificates of those, 529 were eligible for honors: The Hubby was One of those 529! - So Proud of Him! -Taco Bell Arena hosted a capacity crowd of 10,493, making it the largest Commencement in school history. 

Go Class of 2014! 

It was Super long... the kids were starting to get restless (even with Electronics) 
Little Mason (4 yrs) was such a Trooper! I had bought some activity books from the 
Dollar Store & brought treats in along with noise makers. 

Ok... I have to tell this Story. 
The Lady I was sitting next too had 2 young girls with her, 
grandkids - they were younger than Mason. 
She wasn't prepared for the long sit & so the activity books were shared. 
As I sat next to her I couldn't help but not visit with her & share my 
Excitement for Tom & Us as a Family & what we had accomplished. 
She sat with tears in her eyes. 

She then proceeded to tell me her story & who she was there for. 
Her Daughter had just recently passed away 
& she was there to see her Grand daughter graduate! 
I sat with tears in my eyes. 

We both cheered, with tears in our eyes, as our Loved one's 
whom had made so much Sacrifice over the years & Overcame 
Trials & Bumps in the road to Graduate!

This was The Hubby's First Graduation. 

Words can not Express the Feelings we BOTH felt that day.

I Hope the kids will always remember this Day... 

We Did It! 

It did Not Come Easy. 

It was Hard. 

We Cried many times over the years. 

We were Tried.

We Endured. 

We were Not alone.

We were Blessed 


After a long - FULL SUMMER - 
we are ready to get back to Work! 

Grad School Preparation is underway! 

Here we GO... 

Round 2 


He wants to be called Dr. Weekes 
(he wants his PHD)

It has always been a Dream of His. 

I know We can Do It! 

We are Not Alone.