Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The "Show" must go on.... finding my Rainbow!

As you may have read in the previous post that were having "car issues" well, the car with "issues" is gone & that left us down to one car.
One very small car. 
We were sad but the "Show" must go on! 

We both decided (& after having a talk with my dad-- Thanks dad!) that we should Save up our money & buy a van in cash -- opposed to making payments.  Even though the payments wouldn't be that much - it's just the fact that we wouldn't "own" it. 

So I found myself a little job -- completely Surprised me!

I felt like I needed to type up a resume one day after looking at job listings on Craig's list. I thought to myself.... what are the odds of me -- a Stay @ home mom of 10yrs getting a job when their are hundreds of people looking for jobs that have been in the work field longer & have the "education" backing. 
I typed it up anyways.  (I always go with my "feelings") aka prompting.

When I was finished I thought it looked Fabulous!

I would Totally hire me after reading it!!

How I typed it & how it flowed.... it all just came to me.  Tom liked it too.
So I sent it off (before Spell Checking it) to like 2 companies before I realized I forgot to do that!!! oopsie! so much for being "Detail Oriented!"

The 3rd one I sent was "fixed" & I got a phone call the following Monday.
(E-mailed it out on Thurs. or Fri.)

When she called me I thought it was someone from our new ward.... because her personal name showed up on the caller Id. -- so kids were being kids in the background --- LOUD! 
I scheduled the interview for that afternoon. 

I walked in & sat down & saw this huge stack of resumes on her desk!
I kept my cool. -- feeling pretty relaxed. I found out that she & I have a lot in common... including our religious beliefs.
After like 40 mins. of visiting I thought to myself...
gosh I wonder when the next interview is coming.
She flat out said: "Well, I think you're perfect for the job! When can you start?!"
I was blown away! --- I asked her if she had any other interviews to do & she said "nope" -- just you!
She said she had her ad on Craig's list for 6 hrs. & received 65 resumes!!!!
I was on the TOP!!

You can't tell me that the Lord's hand was not in this! -- Seriously!
So I'm working part time (4-6hrs/day) sometimes at home & or in the office!
The office is like 8-10mins. away & she is flexible with Tom's school schedule so we don't have to pay for child care!


I'm still doing noVae Clothing -- It is our "Thing" & it will always be our Thing!
Anyway we can help bring "modesty" back into society & to help women feel good about who they are, that is what we are going to continue to do!  

Everything seems to be falling into place...
Just when a few weeks ago it felt like it was Raining on us... then Pouring!
I'm so HAPPY we found our Rainbow!

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!!
Make sure you become a fb Friend...
we are getting ready to let you help us with our Fall line!!
You are going to LOVE it!!!


  1. Congrats, Girly! That is SOOOO awesome! The Lord is definitely aware of our struggles! It sounds like the perfect fit for you right now. :)