Thursday, February 17, 2011

Novae Clothing ~ You Are AMAZING!

It all Started with a song I heard many, many months ago! I was driving in the car
{probably being taxi mom} and this AMAZING song came on the radio.  I liked the beat & just hoped that no naughty words came with it. ~ So I turned it up! My Daughter immediately starts moving her head back & forth & moving her limited body {she's squeezed between 2 cars seats} to the beat. I listen to the words...

Oh, her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day....

Ok, I'm thinking to myself.... Did he really just say that?!  Is this song really Building my Self Confidence {& My Daughter's} as a Girl/Women?! 
I'm loving the beat!! {I'm smiling}  :o)

The More I listened to the lyrics the more TRUTH I heard in it!! 

Our AMAZING Daughter's, US AMAZING Women, Need to hear the TRUTH!! 

This Song: Just the Way You are, by Bruno Mars had me thinking.... Well, I'm always thinking about the business, but it REALLY got me thinking on a Deeper level!

Clothing is an Outward Expression of Who We are Inside ~ Who We want to be that Day!
Novae Clothing was created to help Reflect the Uniqueness of You!
Novae is Latin for Novel.  The adj. Definition for Novel is: New, Original.
Each of Us, as Women, are:  Different, Funky, Unique and so much more!   

Novae-ness = Uniqueness!!

Here at Novae Clothing we think You are Amazing!  Some of the things that I've gotten to know about some of you just Amaze me & the daily trails, such as Raising a Sick and or Disabled Child, that you endure with each day & some of the Trials that you have endured {like losing a child}....You Amaze Me! 
Each of Us, as Women, have Trials & if We can help Eachother & "Amaze" one another we will then in turn be teaching our child - our Daughter's to become AMAZING,
it's ok to be Who you Are because
You are AMAZING!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Novae Clothing ~ Spring Line = Beatitude

Beatitude   is another word for "happiness".  I just thought it sounded cool....

It's only Wed. but I feel like it's Friday! I've been up way to many hours & keep running my days together. {I'm sure I'm not the only one that has done this!} Monday was our Spring Line Photo shoot & I used a New photographer.  She was Awesome! I also had 4 models opposed to 2. So we both had double the work! We tried some New things - New shots & in a New Location instead of the 'studio' look. I wanted to bring 'life' back into the pictures. I like looking at pictures - not necessarily in Magazines, but just fun - 'real looking' pics.  Not ones that have been "Photo shopped" & 'fake' looking.
-but REAL photos with REAL natural lighting! 

I found this old house {I believe it was built in 1888!} that has been transformed into a little Furniture/Home Decor store & Fell in LoVe with it!  We were at this house for 4hrs. It was so much fun! We did some photos outside too! 
Needless to say, prepare yourself for a whole new
'Look & Feel' when our Spring line is Released! 
The Photos & the Models are A.MAZ.ING!

Take your time while shopping on our site. Make sure to click on all the extra photographs.  As we show you many, many examples on how to wear all the items! ~ The Models aka my Beautiful Selfless Friends, had so much fun doing this for me & You!
We will be adding more items as the weeks & months come so make sure you follow us somewhere so you don't miss these
New, very limited items! 

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Thank you for all your LoVe & Support ~ Family & Friends!  This has been an Incredible Journey for me {I'm learning so much about myself}
 ~ how to become a better mom 
 *a More Organized one*  
+ I'm going to be learning Photo shop {so I can do my own work/homepages}
& I'm going to learn a little bit about Photography! {so I can start taking my own pics.}
~ As If I don't have enough to do.... we should NEVER stop learning, right?!
You just learned a New word today!
Well, at least I did....