Monday, July 4, 2011

THIS is who we are!

 We have been CraZy Busy!!
Moving, Packing, Cleaning, Packing, Cleaning, Having a few Garage Sales,
{it amazes me how much "Stuff" we accumulate over time}
Dealing with car "issues" {BLAH!}
& of course the End of the School year!
The last week we had in our old house was the same week we Launched our Summer line....
{YES! I'm Crazy!} 

Some how I survived
& I'm now adding a few final touches to my New walls!
{I LOVE to Decorate!}

This is me
(pic. above - not the bald guy below...)
& my SweeT Adorable Kids who look innocent - but usually are not!
- notice their hands are in their pockets!!!{lol}

This is my "hubby" (above) -He's literally my other half! 
Isn't it funny how kids are when you try & take a
"Good" Picture?! or just any picture for that matter... 
{our cell phones don't do a Superlicous job but it'll have to do.} 

My Handsome BOYS!
Yes, little M. was getting up from his "position" in the chair
when I thought what the heck, I'll take a quick one....
HA! this is the only one that turned out!!

My SweeT Daughter!
Everybody has to have at Least ONE Girl,
We just "chopped" her hair off a few weeks ago... this is the
shortest it's EVER been!

WE RULE the HOUSE! ;o)

Tom has already started one of his 2 classes he's taking this Summer
& I think he likes it so far... it's just Math. He's SO good at Math!

I, on the other hand, am not!
I Love the calculator & Prefer to use "other" sources/software to do 
the dirty work. 

I LOVE this New - Older home we are in! 
I LOVE the location. 
It take me Mins. to get where I need to go... 
Church - 5 mins
Post office - 'bout 7 mins
Grocery Store - 'bout 7 mins
BSU - 5 mins
                         Target - 'bout 15  (interstate -- so I can drive FAST!)

I plan on Enjoying the rest of the Summer with the kids playing in the Water
aka: Sprinkler under the Trampoline. - my kids think it's SO Cool! 
{do you remember doing that as a kid?!}

Have a Wonderful Summer
& I plan on posting more frequently now that my life has
Slowed down a little ....
 just a little.

PS We have some FUN things happening on our fb page &
a really cool IDEA that will take place here soon...
You'll get to help decide on some FALL Items!!!
so become a friend - we'd love to have YOU!

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