Thursday, February 17, 2011

Novae Clothing ~ You Are AMAZING!

It all Started with a song I heard many, many months ago! I was driving in the car
{probably being taxi mom} and this AMAZING song came on the radio.  I liked the beat & just hoped that no naughty words came with it. ~ So I turned it up! My Daughter immediately starts moving her head back & forth & moving her limited body {she's squeezed between 2 cars seats} to the beat. I listen to the words...

Oh, her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day....

Ok, I'm thinking to myself.... Did he really just say that?!  Is this song really Building my Self Confidence {& My Daughter's} as a Girl/Women?! 
I'm loving the beat!! {I'm smiling}  :o)

The More I listened to the lyrics the more TRUTH I heard in it!! 

Our AMAZING Daughter's, US AMAZING Women, Need to hear the TRUTH!! 

This Song: Just the Way You are, by Bruno Mars had me thinking.... Well, I'm always thinking about the business, but it REALLY got me thinking on a Deeper level!

Clothing is an Outward Expression of Who We are Inside ~ Who We want to be that Day!
Novae Clothing was created to help Reflect the Uniqueness of You!
Novae is Latin for Novel.  The adj. Definition for Novel is: New, Original.
Each of Us, as Women, are:  Different, Funky, Unique and so much more!   

Novae-ness = Uniqueness!!

Here at Novae Clothing we think You are Amazing!  Some of the things that I've gotten to know about some of you just Amaze me & the daily trails, such as Raising a Sick and or Disabled Child, that you endure with each day & some of the Trials that you have endured {like losing a child}....You Amaze Me! 
Each of Us, as Women, have Trials & if We can help Eachother & "Amaze" one another we will then in turn be teaching our child - our Daughter's to become AMAZING,
it's ok to be Who you Are because
You are AMAZING!

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