Monday, May 16, 2011

Out with the with the New {Changes in my life!}

For those of you who have been following along this noVae Clothing adventure of ours, you all know that my husband is going to school F/T now -- & all through the Summers too (going on year. 3!)

This past weekend we were able to attend a Banquet dinner...really, it was just appetizers but who cares it was a FREE date & Free Food! We got to listen to people Thank other People for like 2 hrs. - Seriously, It was really Amazing! Some of the McNair Scholar's who graduated this year had a lot of things to say & some really put tears in my eyes. {yes, I'm a softy...} 
Tom's {hubby as I call him on fb} name was called a few times along with the other New McNair Scholar's just coming in. We realized that only 11, yes I said ELEVEN people were standing - including him!
 It really "showed" me what a Small handful of people really do get accepted into this Program!
 {can we say... Free Grad. School!}

I KNOW Tom was supposed to get this!

What I DID NOT know was how much TIME he would be away from us - as a Family Unit for the Next 2 years of our lives!  After listening in detail how much Research & Some Traveling these Scholar's have to do -- blew me away! I'm truly amazed at the Sacrifices that are made on the Scholar's end (Family) on what they have to accomplish & to squeeze it into their already FT school schedules! When everything was all said and done & we both sat in the car in silence while he started the car I turned to him & said....
Ummmm. we need to move closer to the school.
Otherwise We Will Never See you!

He was going to tell me the same thing!
{this is one of the many Reason's Why I love this Man!}

So we've been looking for a house that will "fit" us & our needs... I found one this morning & it's everything that we could ever want.
We got the house! -Literally- by the Winning of a Flip of a Coin!
(I chose heads!) :o)

We move in about 3 weeks... {eek!!}

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day & a HUGE Update/Announcement!

ok... Where did April go?! Seriously! I can't believe I didn't blog in April!
I think in my last post I told you about a Scholarship Program that Tom was applying for. Well he got it! This is HUGE! I had no idea how Competitive it was! They only pick 10-12 people for this Program every year -- Out of hundreds of people who apply!
We feel very *Blessed!*

I've been doing more & more of my own photography & loving it. I'm getting the pics. that I want & it's saving everyone time.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about our noVae Models that we use.

They are good friends of mine & they are Mom's!

The First one I would like to Thank & Wish a Happy Mother's Day to is
Allison L.

She is a Mother to 4 kids ~ Ranging from pre-teen to 5yrs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Second one I would like to Thank & wish a Happy Mother's Day to is
Jana T.

She is a Mother to 3 kids ~ Ranging from 11 to 5yrs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Last one I would like to Thank & wish a Happy Mother's Day to is
Kim D.

She is a Mother to 4 kids ~ Ranging from 8-3yrs.

I Love these Ladies so much & appreciate their Husbands as well. We have so much fun together & laugh a ton! I don't know where noVae would be without these Wonderful Women/Friends to help me on this Adventure!

 It's not easy working from home & Supporting a Family while my other half is in school.  These Ladies have put their lives on hold for me to come & help me & support me by taking time out of their Crazy busy lives {we all have them - no matter how many kids or no kids you have} 
to do a photo shoot, that sometimes can take up a whole afternoon! 
Precious Time!
I Thank these Women from the bottom of my heart for the sacrifices that have been made. 
It brings me to tears. 
I remember we had a huge photo shoot that had been scheduled for weeks & that particular day 2 of my model friends each had a sick kid at home.  They came anyways -- with their cell phones near by. 
THIS brought me to tears that evening when I got home.

The sacrifice & "Love" that they have for me. 
"Thank You!"

I don't want to forget to mention that my own mother is a HUGE part of this too. She not only uses one of her few "days off" to come watch my kids & sometimes my friends' kids while we are doing a photo shoot
-- she Cleans my kitchen & folds my clean laundry & tighty's up my kids' rooms.
She gives me "Time" back on my clock when she gets me caught up!  

One of the most Important things I've learned in life is how Precious "Time" is.  - When someone Sacrifices or gives up their own time to someone else {that someone else being me} it brings me tears & I'm filled with Gratitude. 
To Spend more "Time" with our kids & Family is what we all want & when someone, that someone being My Mother, gives HER Time to me - then I in turn Give that Time to my Family/Kids.
I Love My Mother & I am very Thankful for the many, many things that she has taught me. Giving Service has been something that has been "Installed" in me through both of my parents. In turn that is something that I'm teaching my Children.
-- To Serve one another! --
"Give" your Precious Time to someone who may need it more than you! 

I Wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day! 
May it be filled with Joy & Laughter!
May your Mind take Pictures of these "Precious Moments" as Time Slips throughout the day.