Sunday, November 20, 2011

noVae Photography - another Adventure!

After a lot of Time, Deliberation, & Requests I've decided to just do it!
- - - - -  
This is how it all started...
Over these last few photo shoots I have had a lot of pictures that I had taken that I didn't even get a chance to use on noVae's website or Newsletters. 
because we change our sales/promo's often & come out with new products,
I didn't have a place to put these cute pictures so you could see them.... if you wanted too.

I enjoy taking pictures & looking at them too! I have had people
tell me that they like noVae Clothing's pictures & ask me who I use for my photo shoots....
I kind of laugh & tell them -- umm, I take them!

I figured I should follow this prompting that has been
literally nagging me for a few weeks. 

Honestly, I didn't think I would have time and  was "good" enough!
- comparing myself to other photographers.
 (obviously they are more experienced then me)
What I realized while doing this "Comparing" was that every Photographer has their own
Style...I have my own Unique Style too!
I like to try & keep my pictures as natural & "Real- looking" as possible.

If you Like my Style -- read on... I'm offering a Discount!

After a good talk with my Best Friend - who by the way is VERY Honest with me & getting the Support (which wasn't hard) I needed from Tom I dove in feet first on Friday!
2 days later...My website is Complete!
Well, not totally complete... I'm still working on adding more pictures I still need to edit.

 I'm currently looking for Family's & Couples
who would like their pictures taken!
Just in time to send them out in those Holiday Cards
 - or make it your Holiday Card! 

(Senior Pic.)

I would like to offer to the First 4 People who want to book with me 50% off!
That's ONLY $25 for up to 2hrs. of taking pics. 
Since I live in Boise, I can only take Local peeps & the surrounding areas within a 30min. drive.
I live minutes away from Downtown Boise if you would like to shoot at various locations
-- everything is so close!

Go to my New Website HERE & send me an e-mail (Contact)
telling me what kind of Pics. you would like to do in the Subject line.

Thanks for all your Support &
No worries... noVae Clothing is still our Priority & Focus,
noVae Photography is something I will do on the side & Remeber... 
it's a place for me to add noVae's Fashion photo's, so check back often!! 

"Like" noVae Photography on fb & type us some lovely Comments!

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