Monday, May 16, 2011

Out with the with the New {Changes in my life!}

For those of you who have been following along this noVae Clothing adventure of ours, you all know that my husband is going to school F/T now -- & all through the Summers too (going on year. 3!)

This past weekend we were able to attend a Banquet dinner...really, it was just appetizers but who cares it was a FREE date & Free Food! We got to listen to people Thank other People for like 2 hrs. - Seriously, It was really Amazing! Some of the McNair Scholar's who graduated this year had a lot of things to say & some really put tears in my eyes. {yes, I'm a softy...} 
Tom's {hubby as I call him on fb} name was called a few times along with the other New McNair Scholar's just coming in. We realized that only 11, yes I said ELEVEN people were standing - including him!
 It really "showed" me what a Small handful of people really do get accepted into this Program!
 {can we say... Free Grad. School!}

I KNOW Tom was supposed to get this!

What I DID NOT know was how much TIME he would be away from us - as a Family Unit for the Next 2 years of our lives!  After listening in detail how much Research & Some Traveling these Scholar's have to do -- blew me away! I'm truly amazed at the Sacrifices that are made on the Scholar's end (Family) on what they have to accomplish & to squeeze it into their already FT school schedules! When everything was all said and done & we both sat in the car in silence while he started the car I turned to him & said....
Ummmm. we need to move closer to the school.
Otherwise We Will Never See you!

He was going to tell me the same thing!
{this is one of the many Reason's Why I love this Man!}

So we've been looking for a house that will "fit" us & our needs... I found one this morning & it's everything that we could ever want.
We got the house! -Literally- by the Winning of a Flip of a Coin!
(I chose heads!) :o)

We move in about 3 weeks... {eek!!}

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  1. congrats! That is great news. We are preparing to go back to school soon and it is nice to hear such a positive outlook!