Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending 2010 & Starting 2011....What I've learned.

As I Ponder over this last year. Their is only One word that comes to mind. "WOW!"

What is the Exact Definition of the Word Wow?! Well, I looked it up in my old, very outdated Published in 1990 {told ya it was old} Webster's Dictionary: wow interj. An expression of amazement, or excitement.

I'm "Wowed" that I Survived 2010.  I didn't do it alone, That's for sure!  Of course my Husband was with me & my Family... Mom, Dad etc. But I know for a fact someone from above has held my hand, hugged me when I needed one, re-assured me {more than once} that everything was going to be "ok."

I have been Very Blessed.  Sure my life has been turned upside down a few times this year, but that's how we Grow & Learn & become STRONGER!  I think one of the toughest trials that I had to endure or "deal with" was building Novae Clothing ~ the website & ALL that comes with building a business. And the Fact or Reality of it was that most of the well known Modest Clothing business' had or where in the process of "Closing their doors."  hhhmmmm... & then I'm doing the opposite!  This was a Controversy that was going on in my head.

Novae Clothing was developed off of Faith.  There, I said it.  Faith. This is something that I think alot of people in this world/economy has been lacking.  I think a lot of us lack Faith in ourselves, and Faith in each other.
The definition, according to my ancient Webster's Dictionary is: faith n. A belief in the value, truth, or trustworthiness of someone or something; belief and trust in God, the Scriptures, or other religious writings; a system of religious beliefs.
I think Faith is something that we are constantly learning. It's not a "One Time Deal" ....Ok, I've taken the test, I got an A+, I Passed!  It's a Challenge for me. It's a good Challenge.

Having my Husband in School Full Time, he's a Jr. Now {YAY!} he's a little more than half way... he's added up his credits, has been one of my Biggest Challenges --right up their with Faith. Most of the time I feel like a Single Parent raising 4 kids & running/building a business.  I have a Very Special Place in my Heart for all those Single mom's out there! 

 I Admire You. 

I know it will be Worth it in the end & I'm waiting.... Year after year after year. :o)  
My Husband, Tom, Cooks, {not just mac'n cheese & hot dogs} he Creates New Meals & Cleans.  Yes, I know I'm Spoiled & No I didn't teach/train him -- He came this way!  He literally is my other half!  His Strengths are my Weakness' {he's a very Faith driven Man} & My Strengths are his Weakness'!  

I Love him for the Person He is & for who He is going to become! ~ Watch out World! 

Novae Clothing has only been in business for 60 days & it has already over exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to see where the next 60 days takes me!  
What really Amazes me the most is how much Support we have! ~ From People we don't even know! {We LoVe you All!!}  I have had several Repetitive Customer's {who has that in 60 days?!} & Lot's & Lot's of New Customer's!  

We, Tom & I {Nickelle} are so Grateful for each & every one of you for your Support! For Shopping on our Site, for Wearing the Clothing & Accessories & for telling your Friends about us! {Huge!!}  We can't Thank You enough!  
It's Simply "Amazing!"

to be continued......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Novae Clothing is "Thankful for"....

I felt the urge to sit down tonight {yes! feet hurt} & type to all you reading this the things that I'm Thankful for...gosh, where do I begin!

I will try & keep this as much "business like" as possible, but I'm a Woman & will probably go down the "FaMiLy" road too....

I think I'm most Thankful for {so far} are my Modbe Clothing Customers.... It has been at least a year since I had any contact with most of them.  When I sent out my very first e-mail, I was Extremely Excited, just knowing that they were going to LoVe the products I had picked out!  After all, I wasn't picking them out just for me... I'm always thinking of other people because I truly do care.  That is just who I am.

a short story...

I had built up my Modbe customers just like most people doing home based business'. ~ Doing Party after Party after Party!  I remember doing them when their was like 2 or 3 days 'till Christmas! I LoVed my Modbe Customers & still do!  After doing the "Party/Boutique Thing" for 2 years in a row I felt I needed to change & do something else with my Modbe Business.... We had some Family things going oldest was getting diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  For those of you who don't know what that is it is on the Autism Spectrum & every child with this is different, not one case is the same. 
I was no longer able to do the Boutiques as much outside the home.  I felt I needed to stay home & take care of him & his needs.  {kids with A.S. don't like nor undestand change, so it was really difficult for me to leave on some evenings, because that was a "change" from his nightly routine.}

I had started a blog { } a few months Prior to his diagnosis. {Blessing!}
I wanted to still stay in contact with my customers so I thought on this blog I would be like a Modbe Consultant on worked! I was still able to stay in contact with a lot of my older customers (via e-mail) + get new ones, it was great! I did this blog for 3 years & still going!

So now you see how I had become so attached to my Modbe Clothing Customers! If it weren't for them helping me spread the word about Novae Clothing & Winning some Giveaways along the way, I would be starting from scratch, which is very difficult to do.
{but I can do hard things!}

"Thank You Modbe Customers!!" xo

Other "Key" People I'm Thankful for are Mike S. & Trish W. With a lot of phone conversations & E-mails between the two of them over many months, Novae Clothing was created!
"Thank You Mike & Trish!" xo

And of Course... yes, I'm going to go down this road.... My FaMiLy & Friends!  A HuGe Role in the Making & Creating!  Many, Many hours have & continue to be spent on Novae Clothing!
"Thank You Family & Friends!" xo

I'm truly Grateful for this time of Season & Pray Many Blessings come to those mentioned above for being Involved & for Caring & Sharing the Excitement that I have for Novae Clothing with Your Family & Friends!

"HaPPy Thanksgiving Everyone!" 

Friday, November 19, 2010

~ About Us & the Making of Novae Clothing!

It never once crossed my mind that we {my husband,Tom & I, Nickelle} would own a clothing store on line.  Never.

A little History, we all have one...
I started out as a Modbe Fashion Consultant. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is that? Well, it was a Clothing company that started in LA & went to Utah & they started out as Home Based Parties. I started in 2005 {when they started} - 2009 {when they went out of business...} it was a sad day.

I Learned so so much!
Modbe Clothing Designed & selected so many different materials for their many products through out the years. I payed attention & Listened to what Women liked on their bodies {different body types} & what they didn't. I learned what materials lasted a long time. {if taken care of properly}
I don't consider myself an "Expert on Fashion & Clothing" but I did do A LOT of parties with A LOT of Women & I Listened! {that was Important & Still Is!}

What takes me the longest while shopping is Finding the Products that I consider Modest. {it's like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes!} They need to meet my Beliefs & Standards that I have for myself. They have to be modest enough for me  to wear in front of my kids too.

I get most of my work done late at night/early morning... & then I get up & raise 4 kids everyday!
My Husband is AWESOME! He just recently {fall of '10} started going to school FULL TIME! He lost his 2 jobs on the same day within 2 hrs. of each other. {CraZy, I Know} He was already going to school on top of the 2 jobs...+ he goes to school during the Summer! He/We  Eat & Breathe School!

It has been a Blessing! {the job losses & going to school}

~ Novae Clothing was born in 2010 {well, the idea anyway} shortly after those has been a Fun Stressful Journey so far!
We have Appreciated ALL the Support & Advice that we have received along the way... TO BE CONTINUED....

Monday, November 15, 2010

~ Gift Special! ~

so, I was up late last night... or if you want to look it this way, it was really, really, really early in the morning.

I wanted to make this Christmas really Special for Women who are looking for CuTe, Modest, Unique Clothing.... One of a kind! {not cookie cutter}
We are {Us Women} all Unique & I think we shouldn't change ourselves into something we are not.  Clothing is & has been a form of expression for years ~ decades I'm sure.
This Christmas Season & Always, Novae Clothing will provide you with that Uniqueness! 

Watch for our "Gift Specials" {Subscribe to our Novae News ~Newsletters} & let Novae Clothing help put presents under your Christmas tree this year! Christmas is all about Giving & so is Novae Clothing!
Novae Clothing is & has been in the mood for "Giving" ~ Starting with our Giveaways!

'Tis the Season for Giving...Gift Special!
It's never too early to start on your Christmas Wish List.... {e-mail the items you want to your hubby, it's on our website...e-mail a friend}

We are still currently offering the "Buy any 3 items and get 10% off your entire order"
 ~ On top of the "Buy 2 Henleys for $25!"
You can Min 'n Match these CuTe Thermal tops!  After adding 2 Thermal Henleys in your CaRt the system will automatically give you the discount. If you add a 3rd item to your CaRt, the 3rd item will automatically give you the 10% off discount off that particular 3rd item or more. {not the Henleys too} 
2 Promo's going at the same time!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Novae Clothing Grand Opening Giveaways...Continues.

WOW! Did those 5 days just fly by for you?! or is it just me?!  ~ Crazy!

I wanted to let you know how Thankful we are! That we decided to Extend the Giveaways, but it's Exclusive.  If you have already signed up for "Novae News" then go look in your inbox - hopefully it's not in your Spam...

If you have not signed up yet, it's SuPer Easy, all you do is enter in your e-mail address at the bottom of our home page! 

The Exclusive Offers are being offered through Friday!  These "Exclusive Offers" would be the perfect time to get a head start on some of that Christmas Shopping... & to Help Save you some Money!  These Offers will only be advertised through the "Novae News."  ~ no fb, no blogs.... 

Thanks again for all you support!   

Friday, November 5, 2010

Novae Clothing Giveaways Every Day for 5 days!

Novae Clothing is having Modest4me, {a Sister Company} Run the Giveaways Every Day!
We will still be Involved & Checking ~ To see who's names show up more that Twice, Three Times or More each DaY! 

~Enjoy the Giveaways over the next 5 Days & Please Help us Give "High Fives" to All your Family & Friends too!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

~ Novae Clothing's GRAND Opening GIVEAWAYS! ~

"Novae Clothing's Grand Opening Giveaways" Starts: Friday Nov. 5th, 2010

A Giveaway EVERY DAY for 5 days!! It's our way of giving YoU, our Family & Friends a "High FiVe!"

Join us on our fb Page and or Follow our blog!

Thanks & HoPe YoU are one of the many Winners!!
~ Good LuCk! ~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~ Novae Clothing Product Reviews ~

I Had Modest4Me, a Website that has Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear Companies all in One Place, type about Novae Clothing's Products. You can find them HERE.  If you have any questions, leave me a comment.   Thanks!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~ Novae Clothing ~

Oh My Gosh!  I can't believe I'm really doing this!! I can't beleive I'm starting my own clothing business on line... It's insane!  I'm excited & nervous at the same time ~ Is that even possible?!  

You are more than Welcome to "Follow" me on this Incredible, Scary, CraZy Adventure!
Novae Clothing is also on fb! That just reminds me, I need to start a "Twitter" account! 
Well, goodbye for to start one of those....  

Stay Tuned,  is just about Completed!  I'm down to the final "Touches!"
Be one of the First ones to ShoP & get the Best Selection!!!