Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending 2010 & Starting 2011....What I've learned.

As I Ponder over this last year. Their is only One word that comes to mind. "WOW!"

What is the Exact Definition of the Word Wow?! Well, I looked it up in my old, very outdated Published in 1990 {told ya it was old} Webster's Dictionary: wow interj. An expression of amazement, or excitement.

I'm "Wowed" that I Survived 2010.  I didn't do it alone, That's for sure!  Of course my Husband was with me & my Family... Mom, Dad etc. But I know for a fact someone from above has held my hand, hugged me when I needed one, re-assured me {more than once} that everything was going to be "ok."

I have been Very Blessed.  Sure my life has been turned upside down a few times this year, but that's how we Grow & Learn & become STRONGER!  I think one of the toughest trials that I had to endure or "deal with" was building Novae Clothing ~ the website & ALL that comes with building a business. And the Fact or Reality of it was that most of the well known Modest Clothing business' had or where in the process of "Closing their doors."  hhhmmmm... & then I'm doing the opposite!  This was a Controversy that was going on in my head.

Novae Clothing was developed off of Faith.  There, I said it.  Faith. This is something that I think alot of people in this world/economy has been lacking.  I think a lot of us lack Faith in ourselves, and Faith in each other.
The definition, according to my ancient Webster's Dictionary is: faith n. A belief in the value, truth, or trustworthiness of someone or something; belief and trust in God, the Scriptures, or other religious writings; a system of religious beliefs.
I think Faith is something that we are constantly learning. It's not a "One Time Deal" ....Ok, I've taken the test, I got an A+, I Passed!  It's a Challenge for me. It's a good Challenge.

Having my Husband in School Full Time, he's a Jr. Now {YAY!} he's a little more than half way... he's added up his credits, has been one of my Biggest Challenges --right up their with Faith. Most of the time I feel like a Single Parent raising 4 kids & running/building a business.  I have a Very Special Place in my Heart for all those Single mom's out there! 

 I Admire You. 

I know it will be Worth it in the end & I'm waiting.... Year after year after year. :o)  
My Husband, Tom, Cooks, {not just mac'n cheese & hot dogs} he Creates New Meals & Cleans.  Yes, I know I'm Spoiled & No I didn't teach/train him -- He came this way!  He literally is my other half!  His Strengths are my Weakness' {he's a very Faith driven Man} & My Strengths are his Weakness'!  

I Love him for the Person He is & for who He is going to become! ~ Watch out World! 

Novae Clothing has only been in business for 60 days & it has already over exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to see where the next 60 days takes me!  
What really Amazes me the most is how much Support we have! ~ From People we don't even know! {We LoVe you All!!}  I have had several Repetitive Customer's {who has that in 60 days?!} & Lot's & Lot's of New Customer's!  

We, Tom & I {Nickelle} are so Grateful for each & every one of you for your Support! For Shopping on our Site, for Wearing the Clothing & Accessories & for telling your Friends about us! {Huge!!}  We can't Thank You enough!  
It's Simply "Amazing!"

to be continued......

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