Monday, November 22, 2010

Novae Clothing is "Thankful for"....

I felt the urge to sit down tonight {yes! feet hurt} & type to all you reading this the things that I'm Thankful for...gosh, where do I begin!

I will try & keep this as much "business like" as possible, but I'm a Woman & will probably go down the "FaMiLy" road too....

I think I'm most Thankful for {so far} are my Modbe Clothing Customers.... It has been at least a year since I had any contact with most of them.  When I sent out my very first e-mail, I was Extremely Excited, just knowing that they were going to LoVe the products I had picked out!  After all, I wasn't picking them out just for me... I'm always thinking of other people because I truly do care.  That is just who I am.

a short story...

I had built up my Modbe customers just like most people doing home based business'. ~ Doing Party after Party after Party!  I remember doing them when their was like 2 or 3 days 'till Christmas! I LoVed my Modbe Customers & still do!  After doing the "Party/Boutique Thing" for 2 years in a row I felt I needed to change & do something else with my Modbe Business.... We had some Family things going oldest was getting diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  For those of you who don't know what that is it is on the Autism Spectrum & every child with this is different, not one case is the same. 
I was no longer able to do the Boutiques as much outside the home.  I felt I needed to stay home & take care of him & his needs.  {kids with A.S. don't like nor undestand change, so it was really difficult for me to leave on some evenings, because that was a "change" from his nightly routine.}

I had started a blog { } a few months Prior to his diagnosis. {Blessing!}
I wanted to still stay in contact with my customers so I thought on this blog I would be like a Modbe Consultant on worked! I was still able to stay in contact with a lot of my older customers (via e-mail) + get new ones, it was great! I did this blog for 3 years & still going!

So now you see how I had become so attached to my Modbe Clothing Customers! If it weren't for them helping me spread the word about Novae Clothing & Winning some Giveaways along the way, I would be starting from scratch, which is very difficult to do.
{but I can do hard things!}

"Thank You Modbe Customers!!" xo

Other "Key" People I'm Thankful for are Mike S. & Trish W. With a lot of phone conversations & E-mails between the two of them over many months, Novae Clothing was created!
"Thank You Mike & Trish!" xo

And of Course... yes, I'm going to go down this road.... My FaMiLy & Friends!  A HuGe Role in the Making & Creating!  Many, Many hours have & continue to be spent on Novae Clothing!
"Thank You Family & Friends!" xo

I'm truly Grateful for this time of Season & Pray Many Blessings come to those mentioned above for being Involved & for Caring & Sharing the Excitement that I have for Novae Clothing with Your Family & Friends!

"HaPPy Thanksgiving Everyone!" 

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