Friday, May 30, 2014

The Hubby's Graduation PART ONE... Boise State McNair Scholars Program

You know it's pretty sad when you have to look up your Sign In info to your blog... lol 

It appears It's been 13 months & a few days since I've "Officially Blogged!" 
I hope the tidbits in the noVae Newsletter counts for Something - because that's
where I was posting info. ;) 

Well, we are going on 2 weeks since The Hubby Graduated & it's been an adjustment. 
In a good way. 
I was afraid if I didn't blog about all this within days of the Graduation I would forget stuff.... 
nope.  - not the case for me - Just Looking through all the Pics. I took brings all those 
Feelings & Memories back as if it just happened yesterday! 
It kinda feels like looking at your Wedding pics. after you come back from your Honey Moon a week or 2 later.... It's still Fresh! I got teary eyed all over again... 

So want to start this Part One off with His Graduation - Recognition Reception in the Scholars Program he was part of for the last 3 years of his 5 years.  The McNair Scholars Program is such an Amazing Program!  ---->  I got this from the Boise State McNair Scholars site page

The Boise State McNair Scholars Program serves students from groups underrepresented in graduate education and first generation college students from low-income backgrounds, preparing them for graduate studies through scholarly enrichment, exposure to research, and other academic experiences and opportunities. The program collaborates with Faculty Mentors to prepare McNair Scholars to successfully pursue a Ph.D. and careers in university teaching and research.  You can read more HERE 

They are basically taught How to do Undergrad Work while still 
attending there regular classes, etc.
They do Research Papers alongside with a Staff Professor, attend Conferences, present their Research & eventually get it Published. 

There is an Interview Process that you have to do - they just don't let anyone in this 
Program.  It's a 2 yr. Program but some Scholars, such as Tom, went 3 years. 
He could have Graduated about 3 years ago but when he was 
introduced to this Program - He Just knew it was something he was supposed to do
So he extended one more year & then another last year when 
he realized he needed more Math after he found what he really wanted to Study 
the Year Prior.  (did you get all 

He would like to Study in the Field of 
Cognitive Neuroscience
It's Fairly new & is Incredibly Difficult to get into Programs 
because it's not in most Universities. 
It's Basically the Study of Decision Making. 
I found a great site that explains more in depth HERE

Anyways... So FRIDAY, May 16th 2014 was a Big Day for us! 
He was Graduating with his Cohort!
The Cohort from last year was so Fun - We got to know them
pretty well & I know Tom really Connected with them & Friendships 
were made. Last year was really hard for Tom to attend the 
McNair Reception as everyone in his Cohort Graduated without Him. 
They were an Incredibly close group. 

Tom was one of the Last one's to Speak at this Reception... 
He put the Kleenex box in it's rightful place. 


He spoke for about 10 mins.  I loVe Listening to Him Speak... 
Like a Talk in Church or Teaching, he truly has a Gift of getting 
everyone's attention & touch their Souls with Every Word.

Needless to Say He made Everyone at our Table Tear up... 
Even his Dad. (Who like Never Cries!) 

Tom Giving the Program Coordinator - Helen- a Big Hug! 
She is Basically the "Mother" of Every Cohort. 
These Scholars Sacrifice so Much & Spend more time with each other 
than their Own Families.  She is a True Blessing to Everyone. 

There are No words for these next few pics... 

I tear up Every time I see them... (tearing up now) 
This little Boy is our Youngest (4 yrs) & all he's know is 
"Daddy going to School" 

Even though he was So Incredibly Bored at this Reception... 
This is what He did afterwards. 
I think deep down he knows His Daddy Accomplished something 
Pretty Big! 

A lot Of People have been Asking what all the Cords mean? 
I have to admit 
He was VERY COLORFUL & It just made me even more
Prouder!! (is that even a word? lol)

The Thick GOLD Cord = Graduate with Honors. 
So here is a little Story - Facts - 

2,307 students were eligible to receive 2,479 degrees and certificates of those, 529 were eligible for honors: The Hubby was One of those 529! - So Proud of Him! -Taco Bell Arena hosted a capacity crowd of 10,493, making it the largest Commencement in school history.
Boise State University - 2014!!!

The Red / White = APS (Association Psychology Society

Teal = 1st Generation College Student
This is something they Just Started This Year - I thought It was So Cool
& Hope other Universities Start doing this! It was Suggested by 
a First Generation Graduate Student Last Year!

Blue / Silver = Psi-Chi National Honor Society 
(He was President this last year!)

Gold / Black = Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society 

Blue / White = McNair Scholar

On Top of All his Responsibilities, Goals, Homework, Meetings, & I'm 
sure I'm leaving more out... 
He was a Father to 4 kids & Husband & Shoulder to 
Cry On. 

I would be Lying if I told you it wasn't Hard. 
It Was one of the Hardest things I think we've 
ever endured Together! 

I would also be Lying if I didn't tell you there were 
times when Both of us, not at the same time, wanted 
to GIVE UP! 

The Business was & Is Growing & I'm 
running it All By My Self. 
(I know have Huge Helping Hands) 

But it was at those Times is when we pulled the other one 
up from the Dark & Dreary Ground & Told 
the Other - We've Come Way too Far to 

We were both Living Separate Lives.
He had the School Life... I had the Business & House to Run during the 
day - taking kids to Dr's appts, picking meds, etc..

He would wake up with the kids in the Morning 
get them ready for School & take them. 
Because I would Be up Late the Nights Prior Working on 
the Stuff that didn't get done during the day. 
Remember - we still have a little one at Home. 
Being a working Mom from Home & Running a Business 
is NOT an Easy Task. -lol 

Most of our "Dates" were Grocery Shopping. 
(boring - but we made the Best of it! ;) 

I would take Him to School 
Pretty Much Every Day & Pick Him Up. 
(Did this for 3 Years) :) 
He was just like one of my Kids... 
I would sometimes pick him up from School after I 
picked up Everyone else. 
Sometimes he would Stay Super Late & work 
because He knew he wouldn't be able to get his Homework 
done at Home... way too many Distractions. 
Plus He is THE PARENT that Plays with the Kids.... 
I, on the other hand, am not. 
However, It is something I'm working on. 
Don't get me wrong.. I loVe my Kids & I loVe being with them! 
I've just never been one to just drop everything & Play.... 
I'm a Work - a - Holic. 
It's in my Blood or a Disease... It's one of my many 
trials I have here on this Earth that I'm trying to change. 

Ok, sorry, this post is starting to turn directions. 

I guess what I was wanting to accomplish with all this 
rambling is that it wasn't Easy But it was 
WORTH IT & we couldn't have done it 
without Each other & a Loving Heavenly Father. 

When we Obeyed .... 
We both become a Stronger Couple & Family.
We have been Truly Blessed. 

To Be Continued... 
(It won't take a Year... Promise) 

- xo


  1. Thank you for sharing! I am encouraged because my husband has just in the last year begun pursuing his goal and dream of getting his doctorate in Neuro psychology. We have no children have have just celebrated our first year anniversary, but with him going to school full time and working full-time, sometimes I wish we had more time together. But I read your story and realize you have a similar story but have more years and children and experiences and you both did it and made it! It encourages me that we can do the same as our lives continue together.

    1. By the way congratulations on your husband's graduation and for all you aaccomplished together!

  2. Is it possible to email you some questions about your journey with schooling? We are about to embark on a similar journey and I would love some advice!