Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grad School or No Grad School... that is the Question!

ok, ok... so I just looked at the last time I blogged. 
Sheesh! I hope you all are still around! :) 

Now here comes the part where I give you all these Excuses... -lol  
ok, but they are TRUE Excuses! 

The Business has not stopped growing...  not like I thought it ever would.. but I thought maybe it would slow down a bit for me to catch up on my laundry for once this year! ;)  SO much has happened since Feb. (my last post) I will do my best to sum it up. (this will be a First...) 

For the entire month of February we were living on the edge of ... where are we going to go for Grad School? Where are we going to move to? As the month started to slip away FAST & we slide into March - with only a few rejection e-mails... which by the way he was accepted into one University (can't remember the name though....) via e-mail only to be told 15 mins. later that the e-mail was sent by mistake!! - total happened! Thank Goodness The Hubby doesn't check his e-mails as often as I do... those 15 mins would've lasted exactly 15 minutes for me! For him, they lasted about a min. after reading the acceptance e-mail we immediately opened up the "oops! we sent this to you by mistake!" e-mail.  

So after that funny day, we still had hope! (I had more than he did...)
 I Just KNEW he was going to get accepted somewhere!  

Here was my thinking... Heavenly Father made this possible. He got Tom into school, then after about a year he made Tom go Full time & we started noVae shortly after.... then he gets into this Scholar Program to help him get into Grad School, we move closer to BSU because of this Program & the time he would be away from us.. I prayed for the EXACT house we are living in! - Square footage & Everything - right down to the Renting Price! It seemed that every puzzle piece was being put together in it's rights place so we could see where our next adventure would be!  I told this to Tom several times... the puzzles pieces were just coming together to quickly & it wouldn't make sense to NOT get accepted anywhere. 

 yes, we are goofy people. ;)

God has a Plan for us & we are supposed to go to Grad School.. other wise why would all these wonderful Blessings fallen into place at the right time?!  My Hope was pretty High - even in mid March... but as the end of March started to come to an end... it started to waver...  Then Tom told me he had Fasted & Prayed about Grad school... & if he was going to get in. He had an Amazing & Peaceful feeling come over him & was told He was going to be needed here. - When he started to notice my Hope wavering a little he told me what he had felt & was told.  
I felt that same Peace.  I wasn't upset. I wasn't looking for answers to Why. 
(which kind of surprised me!) 
I was OK with it.  
 Now that the school year is almost over... he is "officially"  the only one in his Scholar Program that he is in... that did not get accepted - anywhere. 
This is another Strong Testimony to me that he must be "truely badly" needed here.
It almost kind of scares me... Why is he needed here? 
Is something going to happen to one of our Family members... ??
I guess only time will tell. Heavenly Father knows best & I trust Him.

So, now the "Plan" is to stay at BSU - yep... 
ONE. MORE. YEAR. (sigh)

I should say that again... ONE. MORE. (LONG) YEAR. -lol  He's going to take a few more Math Classes this Summer & next year. (poor guy NEVER gets a "real" Summer Break) It's been like 5 years since he's had a Summer with NO School... I wonder what that feels like?! 
Because whatever he does it affects Me & the kids. 

The kids are ok with us staying... Our oldest will be going to Jr. High this fall... which frankly scares the crap (yes, I use that word sometimes) out of me. He has AS (Asperger's Syndrome) which is on the Autism Spectrum... he's very High Functioning - but is still about 2 years behind socially. Can you imagine sending a 10 year old boy to a Jr.high that has 7th-9th grade in it? -eek! oh the Stress it brings me. 

Another New thing in my life is another assistant! YAY! We still have Shauna but I felt I needed someone "on hands" to help me with stuff here. So I went through the applications that were sent to when we were looking for our First Assistant Position & found Her! Her name is Becky! Some of you may have already seen e-mails or talked to her over the phone already! She has been a missing piece to this novae Puzzle that just keeps getting bigger every month. -lol (Blessing!) 

Well, it's 2:46am & I better get some sleep... tomorrow is a longer day than today with a photo shoot planned & more Clearance Items to go through! 

We are so Extremely Grateful & Feel Blessed to have the Best Customers in the World! 
- We have A LOT of re-peat Customers! - 
We loVe you!! You keep us going & ME going!! 

Even though some days are extremely hard as I try & juggle being a mom of 4, training new peeps, running a Fast Growing business on top of being a Wife to a Student whom works just as hard as I do. I could not be doing what I'm doing if it weren't for Him (the Hubby & Heavenly Father) & the support he gives me, My kids & the Patience we are all trying to learn, my Family for helping me with stuffing products in product bags, pinning flowers on hats, babysitting, cleaning my house, etc. & for YOU!
This business would NOT be successful if it weren't for YOU!  
You wear our products, you tell your friends! 
We loVe you for that! - "Thank You!"

-hopefully I won't wait so long to blog next time... it was really nice therapy! 

to be continued... 

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