Monday, December 24, 2012

What is Success??

ok, ok, so It's been "a while" since I've blogged...  I've been dying to though... 
It's the thought that counts right?!  ;) 

The Christmas Shopping Season hit us Early this year... (Sept. & never really stopped) It's something I wasn't expecting... but grateful I had the helping hands ready & available. (phew!)

I've been pondering this question for sometime now... 
"What is Success?" 
To some people "Success" is driving fancy expensive vehicles, living in a large house, etc. 
all the things that people can "see" -materialistic things.
As friends, family & neighbors have noticed & made comments to me about all the BIG Boxes coming in & A LOT of Packages going out (sometimes the same day!)
They Smile & Congratulate me/us on our success.... Was it Success?
For me... I had to dig deeper. 
Did I think Success was about fancy cars & big houses? 
-No. those things don't matter to me. 
I'm perfectly happy with what I have.
So I thought again... 
Did I have something to show my Success
-Yes. I was paying my bills & putting food on the table
& I was Happy. 
But I felt like I was still missing something....

One Day after one of our fb Offers went Viral I knew the following week we would be Slammed... so I gave the Post Office Peeps a heads up... the First load we dropped off they brought out one of those fabric carts & we dumped the packages in it...(it was pretty cool!) 

The next day we were running a tad late (after 5) & when we got to the Post Office they were obviously closed... so I peeked around the corner to where I normally knock on the side door & noticed one of those Fabric Carts sitting there empty with a piece of paper taped to it with the word : novae written on it.
My heart melted & I knew right then in that moment that I (noVae) was making an impact on our little Post Office.  It made me feel good that I was helping generate work, not just for me to support my Family while the Hubby is in School... but to others - complete strangers in my Community.  In that moment I knew I was Being & Hopefully becoming Successful in taking noVae to the next level. 

 We filled 3 of these with our First 1st fb offer.

As I repeated to tell this Story to my parents...
both (ok all of us) had tears in our eyes. 

I guess this is what "Success" is to me... Providing Work for People. 
Making an Impact in Someones life & helping with Finances....because lets face it, we all have 
bills to pay & food to put on the Table. 
Plus. It's kind of Fun to ship all those Packages! :)

This is My Assistant...Shauna & her Sweet Family! 
I'm so Grateful for her & her husband, who also works & goes to school!! 
Working from home & being a Stay at Home Mom
I have to say is one of the most difficult things I've ever done thus far on our
noVae Journey.  I know the sacrifices that are made (for both of them)
& I am Grateful. 

This is Linda - Our Seamstress & the Lady that makes my Crazy Ideas come Alive!!
She has sewn almost 3,000 Fabric Blossoms for us since March 2012!
I bet she can do them with her eyes closed now! ;)
We are currently working on something for you for Spring 2013!!!
Can't wait to show you! ;)

 Fabric Blossoms on Headwraps too! 

This is Amy. 
(sorry Amy... this is the only pic. I had of you!) -lol
She is the "Main" helping Hand in helping us Ship :)
She is a mother of 2 boys & is also going to school.

 Our noVae Models.... noVae wouldn't "be" without them! :)
Grateful for their time & support in Helping us become Successful.

This is the Hubby & I... 
there wouldn't be a noVae Clothing if it weren't for him & his 
choice to go back to School.

Grad School is next after Graduation in the Spring 2013!! 
Stay tuned! :)

We are Truly Grateful for YOU!
You. Are. Key.
Without Your Support & Sharing noVae with your Friends & Family 
we would not be able to Create Jobs & Become Successful! 

We Just Can't "Thank You!" enough.

We should "hopefully" be hearing back from some of the Schools the Hubby has applied to 
for Grad School in a few more weeks!  We'll keep you posted! 


to be Continued...


  1. It's great to hear your story! Praying for your continued success! Have a blessed Christmas with your family!

  2. What a beautiful way to measure success. I'm pretty grateful for you, too. And particularly happy that you ship to Canada. Thank you for following you crazy ideas!

  3. Hey, that's what I do, right? :) Glad to help!