Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Assistant! - A Leap of Faith... A Step Forward!

A few months ago on our fb page I mentioned that we might be looking 
into hiring an assistant to help us.
{Well, really ME!} -lol 
 I kept pushing it off telling myself that I didn't need one... I could handle it, etc.
I've had so many "Red Flags" in these past 2 months.

I appreciate the Lord & my Family being so patient with me. I'm a little bit of a Control nut & a Work a holic,  I think part of me was afraid that I was going to give too much work away!!
The First red flag was when I went to SNAP at the end of April. SNAP is a Creativity at your Finger Tips - aka a Bloggers Conference.  As I listened through the 3 day Bloggers Conference I was hearing a lot of Big time Bloggers say that it's ok to hire people to help you!
....You know when you've got to hire someone when you're Family NEVER Sees you because you're always on the Computer... & the Best one that I heard, that I think came from Ashley from little Blueboo, she said something like this.... 
"you don't see Big Companies running with just one Person do you?!"

That did it... I knew right then, I had to hire someone!  
I was scared though... who the heck am I going to Trust & hand over part of my precious business  that I have put sooooo  much time into?!? 
I held off on hiring someone... because of these "Fears."   

The Best Red Flag of all was when My Children gave me Cards/poems for Mother's Day that they had made from school....  
My daughter (9yrs.) wrote: "My mom is really good at Packaging Packages!"

-My 7yr. son mentioned that "Mommy is always on the Computer!"
I kind of laughed... then I started to tear up.... kids don't lie.  
They tell the TRUTH!  
I started to look at myself through their eyes... I knew they weren't Happy, & I knew I wasn't Happy because I really missed just being a "Mom".... 
Running a business from Home & being a Mom 
along with daily Life is so Hard & such a Juggle!  
the Mommy position was slowly going away... I didn't like it.

One evening shortly Before Mother's Day my Mother came over to help me with a Large Order that we had for our New Distressed Blossom Cadet that we had recently ran through another site.  As we were "Pinning" on our Handmade Blossoms to each cadet, I was telling her about my fears but also how I KNEW it was time for me to hire an assistant we talked about so many things that night.... for HOURS! :)  

Hours before she left she was telling me about my Sister's Brother 'n Law who had been recently diagnosed with cancer.  I was really Surprised! She told me that his wife had sent out an e-mail to family & that my sister had forwarded it onto her.  Later that night - around 1'ish in the morning... yes, my mother is a night owl like me... she forwarded the e-mail to me. (I never asked her too)  As I was reading how things happened, & the plans to take care of this Very Aggressive Cancer I was very touched. I mean, who wouldn't be right?!  After I was finished I thought to myself.... Gosh that was a really good e-mail.... I mean, it was well written, not too professional, heart felt & to the point.  It was Perfect. It was Beautiful!

Then the thought came to my mind.... I'm supposed to hire her! 
 What?! I don't even know this person... I mean, I've never met her.... I've met her husband a few times but not his wife. (My Sister's Sister 'n law)  I told the Hubby my thought - & he said I needed to Pray about it.... so I did.

I had told my sister the next day that we were looking to hire someone... She passed that info. onto Mary, her sister 'n law later that day/week....  a day or 2 later I get a text from that same sister telling me that Mary was looking for something to do from home....

 awe... do you see where this is going?!?!  The Lord's hands were all over this & I was really SLOW & putting the pieces together to make it happen...

I contacted Mary over the phone & I told her what we were looking for & asked her if she was interested & told her my side of the Story of how I was inspired by her e-mail, then she told me her end of the Story!  I asked her to Share it with us & a little bit about her & her Family!

After all.... She is Part of the noVae Family now!

In Mary's Words....

I am excited to join the noVae Clothing family!  Let me introduce myself and tell you how I became connected with the company…

My husband Greg and I are both from Idaho and will be married eight years this July.  We have two children, Kaden who is five, and Rylee who just turned two.   Prior to having our children, I worked for ten years in the public school setting.  I loved my career, but after Kaden was born, I couldn’t bring myself to go back to the workplace.  We had to eliminate expenses, and tighten our belts, but with a lot of hard work, we were able to make it financially on Greg’s income alone.  Greg worked full time and attended Boise State in the evening where he was working on obtaining a business degree. 
So how did I get connected with noVae?  Five months ago, Greg noticed that a small bump located on his thigh began to grow, and grow rapidly. We quickly responded, and at the end of April, he went in for surgery to have the growth removed. The doctors anticipated that the lump was most likely a cyst, however, when the results came back from pathology, Greg was diagnosed with “Poorly Differentiated Synovial Sarcoma.”  This is an extremely aggressive and rare form of cancer.   Greg is 31 years old, active, and strong, so our initial reaction was one of disbelief.  Within weeks he had undergone hospitalization, multiple chemotherapy treatments, and further surgery.  Our life quickly changed and Greg’s health and recovery became our number one concern.   

The medical bills arrived rapidly in the mail, but Greg was only working sporadically as his health allowed.  

One morning as I began my day in prayer, I asked the Lord to help me find a job that would allow me to financially contribute to our family.  The job would need to be flexible enough that I could complete the work around Greg’s future treatments and still be able to care for my children.  As I prayed, I relayed the specifics of our situation to the Lord, and then paused realizing that in order for me to find this type of a job, in this type of an economy, it would require the direct hand of the Lord.  I closed my prayer and exercised my faith that somehow our needs would be met.  

 It was only hours later in the day, when I received a phone call regarding the position at noVae.  I cannot account for the actions which prompted Nickelle to offer me the position (she and I had never met, nor had I applied for a job with the company), but I can testify that it was a direct answer to my prayer.  It never ceases to amaze me how willing our Father in Heaven is to bless our lives, and noVae is quite the blessing!

I am excited about the opportunity to learn more about the clothing industry, and be associated with a company built on hard work, integrity, and a lot of heaven’s help.   As many of you know, the name noVae is Latin, and means new, novel, fresh, or different.  This position with the company will be the perfect complement to this new chapter in our life.  Although our circumstances are different than we would have chosen, we have truly been blessed in abundance and are forever grateful for each day that lies ahead; for each provides an opportunity to start anew. 
I look forward to serving you & getting to know you! :)


We are soooo Excited to have Mary! 
{including my kids!} ;) -wink, wink

We "Thank You" for your Patience as we continue to Grow - 
Customer Service is Very, Very Important to us!
Yet, another Red Flag to me when I started to fall behind.... 

Thank you for your Continued Support!!
We wouldn't be where we are Today if it weren't for 

xo xo xo 


  1. As I was reading the beginning of this story I was totally thinking about Greg and Mary. Then it was them! So glad the Lord could bless both of your families in your time or need. You are both great women and mothers! I'm excited for you to get to work together.

  2. Mary - Check your husbands PH!! People with low PH (under 7.2) are the ones who are developing cancer. Please email me if you have any questions. Baking soda/honey combo can get his PH fast and kill cancer cells!!

  3. what a beautiful way the Lord worked for this to happen! :)