Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Anticipation - or Anxiety - in LIFE!

One of the last Personal Posts was about our Growth &
Tom's Summer research Programs that he's applied to. 
The noVae Growth is still an on going thing.... I'm getting myself even more Organized. I've had to take my 2 yrs old to an in home Day Care for a few days out of the week - just so I can get noVae things done.... my time is stretched as far as I think it can go - some days - ok, most days, I know I'm not doing this alone!  Ideas are coming into my head & if I don't act on them... they don't stop & keeping coming back to me to "remind" me to JUST DO IT! 

I have been really dragging my feet to "JUST DO IT" to be Brave - even when I know it's what I'm supposed to do.... I don't get a bad feeling or anything, I guess it's just me.... am I ready for this? even more Growth?! 
I know I can do it! I'm going to Bite the bullet & just do it! 
I KNOW it has to be done... & I KNOW you gals are going to LOVE it! :)  
It's not a Secret, I did mention it in a post a while back.  
One Word:  Affiliate.  
I'm going to be setting up a New Affiliate Program that 
works a ton better than the one that we are currently using!!    

These last few weeks have been CRAZY at our House!  All this NEW Inventory & Photo Shoots, Spring Break, and the anticipation of wondering if & where Tom will go for a Summer Research Program to help 
him get into the Grad School(s) he wants to go to... 

"the Boys"

The Family! Easter - 2012

"the Girls"

This week we've been receiving the letters/e-mails that we weren't anticipating... 
"Sorry but the Summer Research Program you've applied to is currently full" - or something like that! 
 It's been kind of hard to take... On the Flip - Happy - Blessing side! 
Last week Tom discovered his "Field" of what he wants to study & get his Phd in.
It's called: Neuro - Economics
The Study of Decision making!
This Field was created about 6 years ago & not many colleges/professors know about it!!
He was SUPER EXCITED to find this! 
So, with this New Discovery he's been researching which colleges have this field 
& he's been contacting each Individual Professor that he feels he would work well with
for any Summer Research Programs. 
no luck... but he just has this feeling that someone is going to drop out
of a Summer Program that he applied for & he'll get to take their place.... 
I'm Praying this happens!  
I will miss him a ton.

On a Personal "Mommy" note:
The 2 yrs. old Went pee pee in the potty tonight -before he did it in his pull up!! 
Gosh it feels Good! 

to be continued....

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  1. Hey Nickelle! Congrats on all of your success! I have an almost 2 year old and I can't imagine doing the things that you are with her at home!I wanted to know how to post your line of facebook and twitter with my code in it? I also wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can see it on my post today :-)
    I know your super busy, so don't feel obligated, but I still wanted to include you!!