Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Growth & Many Blessings!

As I sit here typing this my heart is very, very full as I think about the past 2-3 months.  So much Growth has happened with noVae & in my own Personal life.  I have never felt so Blessed.

Every time I print Orders/Invoices,  I "Thank You!" -Personally, I say your name! ( whatever name is on the paper) ...YES!  It's true! I'm kind of a dork that way.... but I wouldn't be doing what I do if it weren't for You!
OH! How I wish I knew all of you in Person! I LoVe meeting & Making New friends!
Some of you I feel like I already know because of fb! 

noVae Clothing has kept me busy... It's been a Blessing!
 I've learned & continue to learn so much! 
Gosh! I feel like I have the best if both worlds! ...Shopping & Taking Pics.  I LOVE Creating!

Tom, the hubby, is still just chugging right along! - Boise State is his HOME away from home.
We are getting close to the end of the LONG Tunnel & can Finally see the Light & it feels so Good!  He's applied for some Summer School re-search Programs all over the states with some pretty BIG Names... we are hoping to hear back from them any day now, to see if he's been accepted into any of them....
What this means is he would be away for about 6+ wks during the Summer working on whatever Research studies that particular school might be working on... We are so Excited for this Opportunity for him to go & do this!
I will let you know the happenings on this as they come!

If you're just now getting to know us...Here's a quick Run down...

 Yes! hubby is in school, we have 4 children: Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy!
They all have their own little challenges but we get through them everyday with
each others support.


We kind of did life Backwards if you can vision that.... we built the house, put kids in the house while hubby went to work everyday.  Then as the economy started to change he enrolled back in school P/T & worked 2 jobs while I cleaned houses & sold for Modbe Clothing. To read more about our Story of how noVae came about - go HERE.

 He is just about done & will Graduate with a BS in Psychology next year & hopefully his name will be published at least 4 times -because of all the Re-search papers he's worked on!! {this is a good thing!}
 He made it on the Dean's List for the First time ever last Semester & he may do it again this Semester! -- Then on to Grad. school!

{Stef. will Graduate at the same time as Tom too!}

I mentioned the Growth that noVae has made & we are trying to keep up with it.... we are looking into a New Affiliate Program so stay tuned for that {if} we decide to go this route.... & more Hand made items! I have so many ideas it's hard for me to stay focused on one!! 

Stay Tuned! & Thank you again for all your Support!
I'm having a Blast with noVae & we know it wouldn't be possible if it weren't for YOU! 


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  1. yay for growth and blessings! i am excited for you guys! :) btw, i got the package and the white tee is comfy. still need to wear my headwrap though, but love em! thank you!