Sunday, February 3, 2013

Modest Clothing... what is Modest?

Ever since coming back from our Business trip to California. I felt the urge to type about something that I've been struggling with a little bit.

While we were there Shopping & Meeting New Wholesalers/Manufactures each one was very excited to show me (us) what they had to offer. I would say about 85% or more of the items they presented to us was immodest.  I would tell them, I can't sell that on my site... or I'm not sure what they would look like with a cap sleeve tee layered with it.  They would look at me weird (a puzzled look on there face) & ask why would you put a cap sleeve under it?!  These are Selling like crazy!! This is what you want!

I would then explain that we sell Modest Clothing. - Current Fashions with Modest Style!

They would always say... well this modest! - I would then reply, it is to some people... but not necessarily to our Customers.  Then I would tell them, we are looking for Tops that at least have a cap sleeve, (so we don't have to layer all the time), Knee length (or longer) Skirts & Dresses.  They would shake there heads like I was crazy then come back to show me a "smaller" selection of clothing... which most of the time didn't work either.

During the Spring & Summer months it is VERY difficult to find Modest tops that are not sleeveless, or even missing a sleeve or sleeves all together & Knee length Skirts & Dresses or longer. It's like finding a needle in a haystack.  So when we find an item that fits the modest criteria that we are looking for we get sooooo EXCITED!!

Anyways... so after being home for a few weeks... I've been looking at other competitors (I know, I shouldn't) because they shop the same places I do... some "Claim" to sell Modest Clothing (modest clothing boutiques) & I just roll my eyes.
I watch what they sell & judge from from the comments & all the likes they receive from a particular item(s) & just shake my head...because this is what people/Girls like!  They are not Modest clothing items... but yet, they are Liking them.  It made me question for a minute... am I doing this business all wrong?  Should I be dipping into some of these items...??  Because what is immodest for me, may not be for someone else.

 Modest... to us.

Immodest... to us. 
(cute though ... needs to be longer & another sleeve)

I had to talk to The Hubby about this. It was really bothering me. He told me to Pray about it...
just like I had to Pray (several times) about starting noVae when a bunch of well known Modest Clothing businesses where going out of Business.  I needed that reassurance - that what I was doing & the road I was taking with noVae was in deed the correct way - for us.

After Praying... I felt Very Good About the direction I was taking noVae... 
It has always been difficult to find Modest Clothing & I think some of these other Boutiques are teetering the line on what is modest & what is not.
(just like some people may say about us...) 
Modesty is different for everyone.  I respect that.  We are going to try & stay as consistent as possible with the items we find. Not too much layering... to make an item modest... & we will try & find other Fashionable options to make a not quite long enough Skirt/Dress to the length that is comfortable for us & our models. 

I feel so Incredibly blessed to have created noVae & have it grow as much as it has over these past 2 years. 
I know I did not do this on my own.... I have always had help from above - to keep me going & comforting me when I start to question what heck I'm doing. :) 

Thank you so much for the Support! We Seriously have The Best - Loyal Customers!! (just like modbe did!)  You gals keep coming back & Shopping Over & Over & Over again... & now we are seeing some of your Friends too! (they tell us - they heard about us from a friend!)  
Thank You! - Thank You - Thank You!

We can't "THANK YOU" enough! 


Stay tuned... 
We are Hoping & Praying that we hear back from several colleges  this month
(or just One - would be nice!)
 that The Hubby applied to for Grad School!  :)